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Chair of Product Dev.& Eng. Design

Stefan Boës

CLA G 17.2

Tannenstrasse 3

8092 Zürich


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Stefan has a background in mechanical engineering with a focus on product design and control theory. His PhD in the biomedical field is embedded into the ZurichHeart project and is about the design and testing of rotary blood pumps, specifically ventricular assist devices (VADs). He is interested in the implications of pump design on hemocompatibility and hydraulic pump performance, as well as developing advanced in-vitro testing environments for VADs.

Stefan is always ready to kick-start new ideas and projects. During his studies, he pursued many interdisciplinary projects as president of a business consultancy run by students. During his PhD, he co-founded Memox Innovations AG. He is a team player and loves to develop new guiding principles for the communication and interaction of product development teams. His spare time is devoted to various outdoor activities in the Swiss alps and team sports like ultimate frisbee and volleyball.

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