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Spin-offs founded by or together with pdz employees / students:


Users of whiteboards are sometimes missing the flexibility of dynamically changing content to create and modify content iteratively on the board. Memox came up with the concept of having many “small whiteboards” on a big board and realized it as colourful, rewritable cards with integrated magnets.



The vision of Peripal is to allow patients to be treated at home and to contribute to lower healthcare costs. Its mission is to develop and market support devices that enable more patients worldwide to be treated in their homes and to be treated more safely.



Today’s protein analysis is a step-wise, labor-intensive experiment, which requires well-trained technical staff. SwissBlot revolutionizes this process by offering a full-automated bench-top device for effortless, standardized and sensitive protein detection.




Spin-offs we support or collaborate with:


Additively is the 3D printing platform for professionals. The Additively platform connects you to more than 340 different 3D printing suppliers, offering all technologies available on the market and more than 300 materials.



Wingtra's aerial robots combine the efficiency of fixed wing airplanes with the maneuverability of multicopter. The hybrid systems take off and land vertically and fly 3-5 times farther than quadcopter – all fully autonomous. The aerial robot can be used for civil applications ranging from agriculture to parcel delivery.





Open Theses and Internships at pdz Spin-Offs

In the list below you will find currently open opportunities for students from our spin-off companies published at www.siropbusiness.com.

Currently no published projects

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