Paradigm Shift! Using Workspaces as a Tool

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We believe that the space around us at work has a major influence on our working style, creative potential, efficiency and thus the performance of our project teams.


It goes without saying in our private lives: if we want a romantic atmosphere, we change our environment (outing on soft music, dimming the lights, lighting candles…)

In the industrial environment where our daily work takes place, however, the room is often ignored. We use the same workspaces for all tasks, no matter whether it is divergent or convergent, focused or interactive, team or individual-based, administrative or creative.

We want to change this perception. Workspaces should contain different zones, which should be adapted to our current needs via an intervention strategy. The aim of our research is to isolate space-patterns for different zones and develop a methodology for implementing intervention strategies in spaces used for product development.

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