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Innovative product design is strongly connected to the cognitive and behavioral processes of humans. During design new product ideas are found, new solutions are created and various decisions are made by different human stakeholders.  Based on our research, novel workshop concepts are developed and implemented in unconventional think and make spaces. In addition to this, we use modern measurement technologies to investigate user behavior during product application. Data recorded in real application environments allows us to effectively reveal latent user needs and thus to considerably improve user-focused product design.

Enriching User-Centered Design Processes by Applying Eye-Tracking Methods

User-centered design processes can be greatly enriched by applying eye-tracking methods. In doing so, understanding the interaction between the user and the product in its specific environment is essential to create innovative products that are geared towards the users. Read more

Mobiliar Forum Thun

This research focuses on the iterative discovering of so-called ‘unknown unknowns’ in product development processes and their impact on the innovation capabilities of companies by means of coached ideation workshops at the Mobiliar Forum Thun. Read more

Workspace 2020

We believe that the space around us at work has a major influence on our working style, creative potential, efficiency and thus the performance of our project teams. Read more

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