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Internet of Things is said to be the next technology mega trend. Rapidly evolving information and communication technology (ICT) allows to connect all kind of devices (things) to the internet within the next years. The things will be able to sense information and communicate this data to other things or humans. This trend will also impact the machine, electrical and metal industries (MEM) in Switzerland to some extent. Therefore, engineers with a non-ICT background must face the challenges of developing IoT applications suitable for their business and clients in order to take advantage of the opportunities aroused by IoT. Our research aims to identify the value drivers and to develop practice-related know-how and tools to accelerate the realisation of IoT applications in the MEM industries.


We want to bridge the gap between the opportunities emerging from current ICT technologies and the needs of Swiss small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the MEM sector and their clients. Engineers with a non-ICT background must be enabled to develop their own, value generating IoT applications.


Our course of action includes three steps:

1.     Identification of IoT challenges, opportunities and value drivers for SME with a MEM background.

2.     Carrying out characteristic case studies to gain experience and to acquire universal knowledge.

3.     Derivation of tools and methods for efficient and value-enhancing development of IoT applications.


For the first phase, we are looking for Swiss SMEs with MEM background who are interested in interview and survey participation. For the second phase, we are looking for cooperation partners for industrial case studies. If you are a member of a SME with MEM background and if you are interested in getting involved, please register by using the following link. We are grateful for any kind of contribution and we will share insights into our current work with you.


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