Design of Highly Integrated Structures with Additive Manufacturing and Composites

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The combination of additive manufacturing (AM) with carbon fibre reinforced polymers (CFRPs) unlocks potential in the design and development of highly integrated and complex lightweight structures. The research focuses on the fundamental process of combining AM with CFRPs and aims to develop design guidelines for part applications.


CFRPs have excellent mechanical properties and show a good lightweight potential. However, the development of complex composite structures requires considerable financial and technological effort. AM allows for the development of extremely complex structures made of thermoplastics, thermosets and metals.

Due to the complementary characteristics of both technologies, combining them opens doors for the design of complex high performance lightweight structures.

Two main research foci result from this:

  • Novel lightweight structural designs
  • Manufacturing process route for components made with AM and composites


Take a look at the case study of an aircraft instrument panel made with AM & FRP. (PDF, 1.3 MB)

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