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New technologies in manufacturing offer great opportunities to improve the overall production process as well as to increase the product’s value for the customer. At the same time they impose a couple of challenges to the design process. The designer needs to understand the new technologies with their advantages and disadvantages to identify the right applications. The way to design a component may change fundamentally due to different restrictions in manufacturability. In general the integration of new technologies into a company requires a change process to build up knowledge and trust in the capabilities. The aim of “Design for New Technologies” is to assist in these processes by transferring knowledge and assisting engineers to gain first experiences in a learning-by-doing approach.

Design for Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing technologies offer a high degree of design freedom. In AM processes, the complexity of a component has little to no impact on manufacturing costs. Read more

Design of Highly Integrated Structures with Additive Manufacturing and Composites

The combination of additive manufacturing (AM) with carbon fibre reinforced polymers (CFRPs) unlocks potential in the design and development of highly integrated and complex lightweight structures. The research focuses on the fundamental process of combining AM with CFRPs and aims to develop design guidelines for part applications. Read more

Design for the Internet of Things

The research project “design for the Internet of Things” aims to identify the value drivers and to develop practice-related know-how and tools to accelerate the realisation of IoT applications in the MEM industries. Read more

Increased Power Density of Electric Motors

Basic research on the motor winding’s thermal conductivity is conducting using a special setup. An understanding of the measurement results enables the design of future winding to be improved with a view to increasing the power density of electric motors. Read more

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