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Form Litz Winding






Basic research on the thermal conductivity of the motor winding is done with an extra built setup. With the knowledge of the measurement results the design of future winding can be improved to increase the power density of electric motors. Read more

Mobiliar Forum Thun






This research focuses on the iterative discovering of so-called ‘unknown unknowns’ in product development processes and their impact on the innovation capabilities of companies by means of coached ideation workshops at the Mobiliar Forum Thun.  Read more

Design for Additive Manufacturing






Additive Manufacturing technologies offer a high degree of freedom in design.  In AM processes the complexity of a part has little to no impact on manufacturing costs. The challenge for a designer is to use this complexity for free to create an added value in serial products. Read more

Skin Creator





The SkinCreator projects’ goal is set to invent new technological principles for devices in the emerging field of tissue engineering of skin. Read more

Internet of Things






This research project aims to identify the value drivers and to develop practice-related know-how and tools to accelerate the realisation of IoT applications in the MEM industries. Read more

Adjustable Impedance Elements





Adjustable impedance makes the interaction of machines with an unstructured world more robust. Mechatronic machine elements for such functionality make adjustable impedance technology more accessible. Read more

Composites & 3D Printing






The combination of additive manufacturing with Composites unlocks a potential in the design and development of highly integrated and complex lightweight structures.The research focusses on the fundamental process of combining AM with CFRP and aims to develop design guidelines for part applications. Read more

Eye Tracking






Understanding the interaction between the user and the product in its specific environment is essential to create user-centered and innovative products. Read more


Zurich Heart








The Zurich Heart project is a multidisciplinary and inter-institutional cooperation between the University of Zurich (UZH), the University Hospital Zurich (USZ), the German Heart Institute Berlin and the ETH Zurich that aims at the development of new technologies for left ventricular assist devices (LVADs). Read more

Tumor Tracking






This research is about increasing chance of survival of cancer patients with tumors in their torso. These tumors may move, which forces radiotherapy to increase irradiation of healthy tissue to ensure irradiation to the tumor. Read more

Workspace 2020



We believe that the space surrounding us during work has an essential influence on our working style, our creative potential and our efficiency. Read more

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