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The natural environment of a pdz employee certainly includes a whiteboard, usually more than one for each office. We use them daily for visualizations and creative sessions. However, we still were missing the flexibility of dynamically moving content to iteratively create and change flowcharts, clusters or matrices and also to enhance the interaction in the group working collaboratively on the whiteboard.

So we came up with the idea of having many “small whiteboards” on a big whiteboard. The small whiteboards are colourful, rewritable cards with integrated magnets. They can be moved around and used by many people at the same time.

In 2014 we teamed up with R3 companies to realize the cards as a product and make them available to everyone. After many iterations and endless prototypes, the start-up “Memox Innvoations AG” was formed. Now we are producing sets for several companies and also academic organisations. Check out the office revolution at

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