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The Jarvis Mechatronics Kit (JMK) is a versatile mechatronics construction kit to support project based learning in engineering design education. It is developed for novice and expert users providing low level entry points to the field of mechatronics with a professional mechatronics system. The kit is engineered and produced at pd|z in a small batch production run with 120 units.

The field of mechatronics is growing rapidly. In many products, complex mechanical structures are being complemented by mechatronics, because these are re-programmable and contain many features in the same building space. Many universities teach mechatronics through project based learning. At ETH Zurich, every year around 450 mechanical engineering students complete the Innovation Project in the undergraduate degree. They conceive, design, manufacture and test a technical system. The students enter the project with basic concepts in engineering design, but have no knowledge in electronics or programming. Therefore, there is a need for a mechatronics kit that is:

  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Robust
  • Versatile
  • Low & easy maintenance

The kit was designed and engineered at pd|z. The mechanical enclosure was manufactured with rapid technologies available at the lab such as laser cutter, bending and additive manufacturing. The PCB production was outsourced to LIBS Baden. The kit is based on the myRIO embedded hardware platform. The mechatronics kit is complemented by a software framework programmed in LABVIEW. The software framework displays of different programming levels ranging from a simple GUI, subroutine programming up to DIO programming. The software is required to satisfy the needs of each user group.

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