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60 pages to provide you with the adopters’ perspective on additive manufacturing and to show you how several companies create value with these technologies today, is the primary goal of the report. In it, you will find among other content: a detailed description of the four most relevant additive manufacturing processes for series production, as well as 11 showcases (case studies) about how companies successfully leveraged these, to generate value in both their operations and new product development process. We carefully selected these 11 showcases to ensure the widest possible spectrum of applications, markets and requirements. We hope these showcases will inspire you, and help you better understand how to find your own applications.


For each showcase found in the report, four major aspects are explained in detail: First a general description of the selected part, its surrounding system and the major requirements of is performed. In a second step, the report explains how the right AM manufacturing process was selected and why. In a following section the challenges the company and its employees faced during the design and development of the additive component, as well as how they solved these is explained. Last but not least, the report provides insights about the implications of additive manufacturing adoption on the firm own value chain, as well as on how customers perceive the new product.

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