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MITO aims to lift Nepali farmers and small stakeholders out of poverty by using the potential of wildly growing walnut trees. By developing a machine with which Nepalese farmers can obtain valuable walnut oil, we want to take the first step towards a sustainable business case. Read more

AM in Industry - Status Report

In this report, you'll find a detailed description of the four most relevant additive manufacturing processes for series production, 11 showcases about how companies successfully leveraged these, to generate value in both their operations and new product development process. We carefully selected these 11 showcases to ensure the widest possible spectrum of applications, markets and requirements. Read more

Ship Inspection Robot

The Ship Inspection Robot is intended to simplify the inspection process for huge cargo vessels and thus help to save costs. In particular, it should increase security for inspectors, as they will no longer have to climb into every nook and cranny of the vessel themselves. Read more

Memox Cards

As frequent useres of whiteboards, we were missing the flexibility of dynamically moving content to iteratively create and change content on the board. So we came up with the idea of having many “small whiteboards” on a big whiteboard. We realized them as colourful, rewritable cards with integrated magnets. They can be moved around and used simultaneously by a group of people. Read more

Jarvis Mechatronics Kit

The Jarvis Mechatronics Kit (JMK) is a versatile mechatronics construction kit to support project based learning in engineering design education. It is developed for novice and expert users providing low level entry points to the field of mechatronics with a professional mechatronics system. The kit is engineered and produced at pd|z in a small batch production run with 120 units. Read more


The Additive Manufacturing (AM) Technology opens up new paths in construction and product development. Our goal is to show the benefits of AM for industrial applications by developing a cordless hammer drill. Read more

VariLeg 1

The VariLeg is a novel type of exoskeleton for paraplegics. It incorporates variable mechanical impedance (i.e. “softness”) to enhance the dynamic stability while walking. Read more

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