Video of the Innovation Project 2014 is online!

The video of the Innovation Project 2014 is now online! In this open design project, 90 student teams develop 90 different technical system from the idea to the robust prototype. In 2014, the students had to develop a system, that can transport different goods from one island to another. Enjoy the creativity of the students! Read more 


Interested in Interdisciplinary Product Development?

The coming spring semester, the Design and Technology Lab lauches two new formats for students interested in interdisciplinary experiences – Tandem Projects and the course Interdisciplinary Product Development. Interested students are welcome to contact us any time. Read more 


International Conference on Human Behavior in Design (HBiD2014)

The “International Conference on Human Behavior in Design (HBiD2014)” was held in Ascona, Switzerland, from 14.-17.10.2014. The 36 participants had the chance to present and discuss their research and to make themselves familiar with the Special Interest Group “Human Behavior in Design” of the Design Society. Read more 

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